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Thursday, March 26, 2009

No, No Power Grab At All

Not content to settle for control over US companies, the wonderful, change is good Obama administration has decided that the time has come for the federal government to control the entire US financial system.

Geithner to Propose Vast Expansion Of U.S. Oversight of Financial System

By Binyamin Appelbaum and David Cho
Washington Post Staff Writers
Thursday, March 26, 2009; Page A01

Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner plans to propose today a sweeping expansion of federal authority over the financial system, breaking from an era in which the government stood back from financial markets and allowed participants to decide how much risk to take in the pursuit of profit.

The Obama administration's plan, described by several sources, would extend federal regulation for the first time to all trading in financial derivatives and to companies including large hedge funds and major insurers such as American International Group. The administration also will seek to impose uniform standards on all large financial firms, including banks, an unprecedented step that would place significant limits on the scope and risk of their activities.
"Significant limits on the scope and risk of their activities."

Not only does the federal government want the power to seize companies and break contracts, they also want the power to dictate to them what level of risk they may assume.

So, in what way will these financial companies be private companies? In what ways will they not be mere extensions of federal power?

How short will the federal leash need to be, before the People of this nation realize the great danger of this administration?

Will they wait until there is no leash at all?

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Oh, Dear Lord, What Fools Have Been Placed Over Us?

China put forth a proposal to drop the dollar as the global currency and who hitches his wagon to that Chinese horse?

Why, our own tax-cheat, Geithner!

Geithner 'open' to China proposal

Geithner, at the Council on Foreign Relations, said the U.S. is "open" to a headline-grabbing proposal by the governor of the China's central bank, which was widely reported as being a call for a new global currency to replace the dollar, but which Geithner described as more modest and "evolutionary."
Even Obama has the good sense to not support China's proposal;

President Barack Obama described China's proposal as unnecessary during a prime-time news conference Tuesday.

"I don't believe that there's a need for a global currency," Obama said.
But, shall we delve a little deeper into Geithner's idiocy?

"I haven’t read the governor’s proposal. He’s a very thoughtful, very careful distinguished central banker. I generally find him sensible on every issue," Geithner said, saying that however his interpretation of the proposal was to increase the use of International Monetary Fund's special drawing rights -- shares in the body held by its members -- not creating a new currency in the literal sense.
He hasn't even read it, yet! He is making statements about what the US is "open" to, and hasn't a clue what it is. He is going entirely by his opinion of the governor of China's central bank.

Maybe this explains his tax problems; he never read the forms.

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Let Them Compete Or Sink

Newspapers are finding themselves faltering in a world where electronic news is far preferable; where headlines can be read within minutes of a newsworthy event, rather than being forced to wait until the next morning.

Some newspapers are adapting by dropping their print editions and going 100% online. They see what they need to do to compete and do it.

So, what does the US government do, instead of letting the market dictate their fate?

U.S. bill seeks to rescue faltering newspapers

Tue Mar 24, 20093:05pm EDT

By Thomas Ferraro

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - With many U.S. newspapers struggling to survive, a Democratic senator on Tuesday introduced a bill to help them by allowing newspaper companies to restructure as nonprofits with a variety of tax

"This may not be the optimal choice for some major newspapers or corporate media chains but it should be an option for many newspapers that are struggling to stay afloat," said Senator Benjamin Cardin.

Well, Senator Cardin, you're not doing enough! Where's your bill to rescue Town Criers? When will you address the plight of the buggy whip industry? The daguerreotype companies need your help, Senator; why don't you aid them?

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Could Wipe Out His Cabinet

From the mouth of the tax-cheat who is now Secretary of the Treasury;

Geithner: Obama to crack down on tax evaders

(NECN: Washington) - Over the next several months, the president will propose a series of legislative and enforcement actions to reduce tax avoidance," this afternoon said Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner in testimony before the House Ways and Means Committee.

Can the hypocrisy be any more clear?

Obama needs to watch out, though. Cracking down on tax cheats might leave him with no cabinet.

Tom Daschle had to pay back taxes, Nancy Killefer pulled because of tax issues and now, Ron Kirk, former mayor of Dallas, owes back taxes. Oh, but Ron has agreed to pay those back taxes. Isn't that big of him? He agreed.

And, we have Mr. Big, Tim Geithner, SecTreas, who didn't pay taxes.

How many more in this misbegotten administration are - lax - on tax isues?

Well, maybe "cracking down" is subjective...

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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

He's got, I understand, a fairly popular radio show

"He's got, I understand, a fairly popular radio show."

That's what someone said about Rush Limbaugh.

Is this person;

  1. Someone living out on a desert island in the middle of the Pacific?
  2. Someone living in a cave?
  3. Someone living under a nicely decorated rock?
  4. A homeless guy living on the street?
  5. The White House press secretary?

If you guessed #5, you win a cookie*.

Yes, the press secretary for the Obama administration merely "understands" that Rush has a "fairly popular" radio show.

It would appear that we can add "clueless" to the list of criteria necessary to work in the Obama administration.

* - see your cookie directory for details. Cookie may not be exchanged for other cookies and may not be used in conjunction with other cookies. Cookie is non-refundable and not valid where prohibited by law. Cookie only good Sunday through Thursday. Do not eat cookie. Cookie consumption has been found to cause genital gigantism in lab rats. Do not use cookie as personal floatation device. Cookie not intended for internal consumption. If cookie splashes in eyes, seek immediate medical attention. The White Zone is for loading and unloading passengers only. Please do not park in the White Zone. Cookie may contain peanuts or peanut by-products. Do not mix cookie with peanuts.

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