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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

US aim for ‘zero civilian casualties’ draws criticism

"U.S. and coalition air forces are aiming for zero civilian casualties in airstrikes against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), frustrating some lawmakers who say the military campaign is progressing too slowly."

Oh my gawd!

Fight the war or not, you moronic pacifists.

"Zero civilian casualties?"

So, all ISIS has to do is grab some civilians, hand-cuff, tie or chain them to their vehicles or in their buildings, and voila! Instant protection from any sort of attack.

What we need to do is go all Dresden on their sorry @sses.

Terrorists can't hide where they aren't - at least - grudgingly accepted. If the civilians in these towns and cities didn't want ISIS, they could throw them out. So, we send over a few squadrons of B-52s, lay down a few hundred tons of iron bombs - none of this picayune "surgical strikes" malarkey - and level their cities, if they don't kick out ISIS. Make them fear US far more than they fear ISIS.

All these people understand is a heavy hand and all we're doing is giving them stern looks.


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