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Monday, June 30, 2014

Dallas County to House 2,000 Unaccompanied Migrant Children

As many as 2,000 illegal minors could soon be headed to shelters in Dallas County, Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins announced at the Texas Democratic Convention on Saturday;

“I support increased security at the border, but increased security at the border doesn’t take care of the security of the children that are here now,” [Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins] said.

Free clue for you judge; it is not the responsibility of the US taxpayer “take care” of their security.

They have families in their home nations; it is THEIR responsibility.

Send them BACK.

The judge went on to say;

“We will identify facilities and we will work to open those facilities to them at 100% federal expense so that we can provide compassionate care and complete wrap services, that’s education, medicine, psychological, etc. to the children who are scared and alone on our border.”

They’re not all that “scared,” judge; they made it across 2,000 miles of Mexico - so, why aren’t they Mexico’s problem? - if they survived the trek through the Mexican deserts, I doubt there's all that much to be afraid of in the US. After all, Mexico didn’t HELP them to get here, did they?

The only “service” they should be getting is a one-way ticket back home and then demand that the home nation reimburse us for the expense. If they don’t pay, freeze their US assets and confiscate them until the expense is paid in full, including the additional incurred expenses of the process to attain the monies.

Then, there’s that “100% federal expense.

The federal government makes NO REVENUE. Any money they have is what they took from taxpayers. WE ARE PAYING THE BILL, NOT THE FEDS.

“Jenkins said many of the children have family members in the United States and while they’re house in North Texas there will be attempts to reunite them with their loved ones.”

Who are here illegally, too. If they weren’t, the kids wouldn’t have had to make the trip illegally. Arrest them and send them back, too.

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