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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

2014 Midterms

I have never wanted a token minority of either party.

I have always felt that the minority party needs to always be strong enough to keep the majority in check; to always keep them on their toes to do what's right. I believe that when we have too much power held by one party, that we then end up with laws like Obamacare, FDR's New Deal, or LBJ's Great Society.

I also feel that we keep electing as a reaction to the last election. We got Clinton because of Bush41, we got Bush 43 because of Clinton, we got Obama because of Bush43, etc. But, the problem is, the pendulum seems to be swinging wider each time and this is bad. Will we get someone too far to the right because of Obama?

So, now, I'm worried abut the mid-term. We might get an election where far too much power is resting in Republican hands. Don't get me wrong, here; I am a Republican, I come from a Republican family, my first election was in 1976 and it's been Republican all the way since then. But, even so, power corrupts.

Republicans are only human. They are subject to the same foibles, missteps and flaws the rest of us fall to. They can get big heads, too, like the democrats did in foisting Obamacare on us. One example; the TSA. So, I fear a too great Republican majority, just as much as a too great democrat majority. I want a minority with the power to tie down the majority, ensuring that as few laws as possible flow out of DC.

Of course, there are other things I want, too;

• Repeal of the 16th Amendment,
• Repeal of the 17th Amendment,
• Repeal of Obamacare,
• Phasing out of Social Security,
• Phasing out the popular vote for president as it is not in the Constitution,
• Return to a lassiez faire supreme Court, and
• A strict constructionist adherence to the Constitution.

This is by no means a complete list, but it is the high points.

But, my general point is, I want a Republican majority, but one that is held in check by a strong democrat minority. I fear we won't have that and may have a Republican Congress running amok.

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