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Friday, November 02, 2012

Why Not Use The Military?

I don't understand all the problems with food, fuel, medicine - supplies in general - in the aftermath of Sandy.

We kept Berlin alive in 1948 when it was surrounded by hostile forces; we supply an entire army on the other side of the world where they're being shot at and we can't bring supplies to our own people?

Obama, you were quick to tell Romney about aircraft carriers; let me tell you about these things called helicopters. They are a sort of aircraft that don't need a runway in order to land. Any patch of ground a hundred feet or so across is enough for most, the biggest could land in something a hundred yards across, easily.

Why aren't you loading up a fleet of CH-47s with food, gas, water, medicine, etc. The CH-47D can airlift 19,500 pounds of materiel - almost ten tons in just ONE of them. They have a cargo space of almost 1,500 cubic feet and can carry 33 fully equipped soldiers. After dropping a load of supplies, each could evac at least 33 people outside the stricken area.

Seems to me a few of these could keep the area liveable until ground supply can be restored.

Why aren't you doing it? Busy campaigning?

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