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Thursday, May 25, 2017

23 Million Would Lose Health Insurance Under Republican Bill

Prior to Obamacare, the story was that there were 47 million uninsured. Supposedly, this was why we so drastically needed the unconstitutional program.

Now, with repealing it, we only go back to 23 million uninsured. Looks like 24 million managed to find insurance. Why can't the remaining 23 million do what they did?

Anyway, the US has a population of 324 million. Why are 93% of the People being taxed just to provide 7% with insurance? Further, how many of that 7% are young, healthy individuals who feel they don't need insurance just yet, and would prefer getting a bigger paycheck, instead?

Even if the federal government had the authority to provide healthcare - they don't - why not simply address the alleged needs of that 7%, rather than screw up the insurance and healthcare plans of the remaining 93%?

Why not? Because the healthcare industry would lose their shirts being forced to cover "pre-existing conditions," unless EVERYONE is FORCED into the program.

Question: If one has no car insurance and gets into a wreck, is there a reasonable expectation that they can trot to an insurance company to buy insurance to cover that "pre-existing condition" for their car?

There is no "one size fits all" option here. And, that's all the feds can do, which is one reason why they are not authorized to meddle in healthcare.


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