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Tuesday, August 08, 2017

USDA Employees Suggest Rremoving 'Climate Change' Term

So, no more "climate change."

Actually, who could deny "climate change?" Who would expect the climate to remain static, unchanging?

Of course, the climate's going to change. It has done nothing but change for the entire history of this planet even having a climate. Nature hates stasis, loves chaos. And, the climate is a product of Nature.

Now, whether or not Man has a meaningful effect on the climate is another thing. I contend that He does not. At least, that such an influence has yet to be proven in a manner that would meet the terms of the Scientific Method. A Method that seems to be among the unknown to the "scientists" of the Consensus.

So, the change embodied in the USDA emails would be more for the term as it is used in the anthropogenic global warming lexicon than for the meaning of the term itself.

Note: not just "global warming," because the world is warming as a by-product of the Sun aging. Eventually, the Sun will grow so large that it will engulf the Earth. But, long before that, the Earth will have been turned to a charred cinder. The term, "anthropogenic," must be included to properly note that the term applies to a warming caused by Man. Again, something not scientifically proven.


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