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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Laws, not Edicts

"...by calling on Mr. Obama to keep his promise and allow Americans to keep their insurance if they like it."
-- Washington Times, 18-Nov-2013

The United States is a nation of LAWS, not edicts from a president. Obama is not a king, he does not get to decide who gets to keep their insurance. The LAW does and this law, his "legacy," is as corrupt and flawed as he is, himself.

This article also mentions a "fix" from Obama.

Any "fix" to the LAW must come via the LEGISLATIVE process, not executive fiat. Obama is not authorized to do any "fixing" to anything, except the plumbing in the White House.

This man is a criminal and must be impeached. He is in complete violation of his oath of office and is a violator of the separation of powers. Biden is no longer sufficient insurance to prevent him from being removed from office.


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Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Trust Government

I read this in another forum;

"You give the government information and it will be abused. It is not a matter of if it’ll be abused, it’s only a matter of when…"

Truth be told, this is not something unique to Obama. It is not even unique to the federal government.

The Founding Fathers had it right; government is a necessary evil that must be kept on a tight rein. Like a killer guard dog; it may keep trespassers off your property, but you don't let your kids play with it.

But, government is what it is because we, the People, have let it become that way through our apathy and downright laziness. All we are interested in are the conveniences, not the consequences - as long as they fall on "someone else."

For example, a recent article told of a young man who was devastated by his insurance premiums going up thousands of dollars because of Obamacare. He stated that he was all for socialized medicine, but didn't think that he had to pay for it.

This man is emblematic of the People in general. No one thinks. Well, too few, anyway.

Further, students are not taught the greatness of the history of the United States. Since the sixties, soft subjects have been hit hard by revisionists who despise the place of the US in the world, of US exceptionalism. The result is that schools focus on the bad things in American history at the expense of the good. Students are taught that the Constitution is a "living document" that changes and morphs at the whims of society, rather than the law of the land that it is with a specific legislative process required to change it; Article V.

We have become like the Catholic church, where the path to Glory must be through priests. The Church opposed what the Gutenberg press brought, because it made the Bible available to the common man, rather than just the clerics. However, in our case, we have become a society that accepts the supreme Court, elected officials and a small elite as the "clerics" of the Constitution, the law, of Liberty and Freedom.

We are in need of a Constitutional Reformation. But, rather than a reformation to introduce new ideas, it needs to be a reformation to embrace old ideas; that individual, common citizens are quite capable to read and understand the Constitution, the law and what Liberty and Freedom mean. That we should not accept the biased whims and political follies of a small collection of old men and women, simply because they wear black robes, or because they occupy great structures of classical architecture.

These "clerics" are our SERVANTS. They are in office as our EMPLOYEES. We must hold them to their oaths and that our Constitution rules over them.

Rather than Harry Potter, we need the works of John Locke, Montesquieu, Paine, Hamilton, Madison, Jay - the works our Founding Fathers read and were guided by in the creation of this nation. Then and only then will we be knowledgeable and FREE to know if what the "clerics" do is right or wrong.

Otherwise, we will be serfs, satisfied with the Bread and Circuses of government control, silently and stupidly trudging a path defined by others who ensure that we are guided away from the oases of Freedom and Liberty, keeping us locked in control and subjection.

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