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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Elitist Attitude Doesn't Help

Marty O'Malley is frustrated that no one seems to share his outrage at our presence in Iraq.

Well, maybe, if he didn't give idiot advice like this;
As he and two other protesters waited, Maddie Smith, a student at the Art
Institute of Pittsburgh, approached Mr. O'Malley and asked for a sign for her
lawn in Brookline.
He gladly gave her one. He also gave her instructions:
"Put it so it's facing traffic. Otherwise no one will see it."
he might find people more willing to listen to him.

Does he really think it is necessary to give such obvious advice to an adult?

Or, is it that those who do support him are such dolts that they need this sort of advice?

Or, might it be that those who support him are so enamored of themselves, so full of their own importance, that they purposely face their signs towards their own homes, such that they may admire their handiwork in comfort while sipping a latte?

If he gives all of his advice in such a condescending manner, it's no wonder no one showed up.


Oil Prices Continue To Rise

Well, oil futures went above $122 today, based on a Goldman-Sachs prediction that it could go to $200 in two years.
Oil prices have nearly doubled from about $62 a barrel a year ago, which Goldman
sees as a sign that the world is in the midst of a "super spike" in oil prices.
Analyst Arjun Murti said in a research note released Monday that prices would
ultimately force demand to fall sharply.
The key word, as I see it here, is "spike."

Not plateau, not level, but spike.

That implies a sharp drop after the peak is reached.

So, are we seeing the next bubble? Tech, housing, oil?

Might there be an oil bubble burst?

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