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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Science Or Faith?

Doubt is the foundation of scientific thought.

Yet, doubt is tossed out the window when global warming is the issue.

We are expected to accept the content of An Inconvenient Truth upon faith alone. Those who doubt this piece of work, who question its scientific content, are ridiculed and demeaned.

There are those who would be the first to ridicule those with a religious faith as fools, who take this movie and the unproven "science" within without demanding the slightest proof. They condemn faith on the one hand and embrace it on the other.

There are those who ridicule others as lemmings for adhering to a policy of which they disagree, but blindly follow the leaders of anthropogenic global warming into the unknown.

Those who follow An Inconvenient Truth and AGW demand that science be followed by ignoring its basic tenet.

They are espousing a religion, a faith, not science.

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