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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Taxing Behavior is Now Constitutional

The obamacare law is the least of our worries from today's flawed supreme Court decision.

What is far more important is the precedent the Court set by deciding that it is constitutional to tax behavior.

The left is having a field day - well they should as they are in dire straits of losing their messiah in November - their jubilation and foul, crude posts on various blogs demonstrate just how much in fear they were of their pride and joy being denied.

They are cheering now, but if anything is consistent in politics it is that things change.

Someday, there might be a majority in Congress with a friendly Executive that is not quite to their liking. Then, will they be so happy when this political party starts taxing the behavior they want to control?

Be careful on what you cheer about - some day, you may not like how it is applied against you.

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