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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Laws, not Edicts

"...by calling on Mr. Obama to keep his promise and allow Americans to keep their insurance if they like it."
-- Washington Times, 18-Nov-2013

The United States is a nation of LAWS, not edicts from a president. Obama is not a king, he does not get to decide who gets to keep their insurance. The LAW does and this law, his "legacy," is as corrupt and flawed as he is, himself.

This article also mentions a "fix" from Obama.

Any "fix" to the LAW must come via the LEGISLATIVE process, not executive fiat. Obama is not authorized to do any "fixing" to anything, except the plumbing in the White House.

This man is a criminal and must be impeached. He is in complete violation of his oath of office and is a violator of the separation of powers. Biden is no longer sufficient insurance to prevent him from being removed from office.


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