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Monday, January 07, 2008

Oh, That Wacky Climate!

Back in January of 2007, the BBC reported that 2007 would be the world's warmest year on record.

But, the facts are;

  • 2007 was just as warm as every year back to 2001.
  • Even though CO2 is up 4% since 1998, global temps have remained flat.

Yet, the UN is still going to lead the lemmings' Charge of the Light Brigade over the cliff of anthropogenic global warming.

AlGore asserts that "The debate in the scientific community is over."

Thing is, it's not. More than 100 scientists wrote a letter to the UN to say that climate change - up or down - is a natural event. Historical data from the Paleozoic to today shows that, if anything, the historically normal temperature for the Earth is a lot warmer than it is now.

Little sidebar here - as I search about the Internet to try to find out what the Earth's CURRENT average temperature is, I find it very difficult to locate the information. Three separate articles on Wiki show plenty of temperature change data, but they never show the baseline; the change from what temperature. That's interesting. It's like saying that when Bob's income raises 100%, he's become a rich man. But, no one says that Bob's original income was $2.50/hour.

Ah! Here we go, a site with current temp data. Looks like it's around 15-degrees C. OK, then, back to our story.

As I was saying, historical data from the Paleozoic to today shows that, if anything, the historically normal temperature for the Earth is a lot warmer than it is now. There are periodic dips, but the baseline seems to be 22-degrees C; 7-degrees C greater than today.

The IPCC - who says "Warming of the climate system is unequivocal" - a false statement since it is hardly "unequivocal" - has the temperature rising from 1.1 to 6.4-degrees C during the 21st Century - Hey guys! Way to get a focus on that prediction! Only a 5.3 degree spread, nah, no appreciable variance there.

Looking at the history of global temperatures, the variances have been sharp valleys from 22 to 12-degrees C and back up again. But, the length of time in the valleys have been far shorter than the intervening peaks.

We have been in one of the minimas of the data, on our way to a maxima. And, to follow the trends, we are headed to a higher temperature than the IPCC's most dire prediction.

And, the amazing thing?

Each of the global warming events - one in the Silurian, Permian, and Cretaceous - had no Humans around to cause them. In fact, the warming in the Permian went even higher than 22-degrees C; it went to 23-degrees C.

The historical data shows that the climate we have today is not the norm. The Earth has experienced approximately 67.08 million years at today's temps or below. That's only about 10% of what we have records for.

So, for 90% of the Earth's recorded history of average temperatures, we have had temps FAR higher than today or what is predicted by AGW adherents.

Today's temps are not normal. Historically, they are unusually well below normal. Our global warming is the Earth returning to normal.