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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Another Reason To Oppose McCain

Seems McCain never met a Constitution he didn't like to walk on.

Got a blog?

Know the law enough to identify an "illegal image?"

If your answers are "Yes" and "No," you might get hit for $300,000 if someone posts an "illegal image" to your blog.

And, we all know that it's reasonable to assume that everyone using the Internet is able to readily and reliably identify an "illegal image," right? That's why no one ever falls for those Nigerian scams and no one's computer is hijacked by hackers - because everyone is a consumate computer expert.

First, McCain tramples on the Constitution with his Campaign Finance Reform law that restricts First Amendment guaranteed rights to free speech. Now, he wants to make one criminally liable for the acts of others.

Not really a new idea in theory, though. The DEA has been using this process in the "war on drugs" for years - decades. Got a nice boat, car or home? Better make sure that no one who visits does any drugs without your knowledge and leaves a bit of it behind. DEA will seize your property, because someone else did something that you were totally unaware of.

With the democrats coming in, this sort of government intrusion will only get worse.

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Monday, December 11, 2006

It Ain't The Car's Exhaust...

According to the UN, it's the cow's.

Score one more for Nature...

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Chamberlain's Not Dead

He changed his name to James Baker and put the ol' appeasement jacket back on to see if it fit current fashions.

I'm willing to bet that Hitler reacted favorably to Chamberlain's Plan, too...

When your enemies favor a decision, it's the wrong decision.

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