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Friday, April 11, 2008

More Proof Of The Effectiveness Of Gun Laws

I thought Texas was the stereotypical state for random shootings. After all, with our relatively lax gun laws we should be having high noon shootouts every second Thursday and random killings the rest of the time.

But, looks like California, that bastion of strict gun control, takes the award.

Like the article says, "Car-to-car shootings are not uncommon in the area." And, that's with strict gun-control. I wonder why in Texas, with very few gun laws, car-to-car shootings are uncommon.

Just in recent weeks;

  • 110 off-ramp.
  • I-10.
  • US-101.
  • San Diego County highway.
  • San Francisco freeway.

Maybe gun laws don't do what their proponents think they do.

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