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Friday, February 15, 2008

For The Apprentice Fans

So, who else felt like throttling Omarosa last night - besides Piers?

Her behavior was reprehensible considering the topic of this season; to raise charity funds.

Not only the snide and disgusting remarks she made to Piers - using his family, his children, as tools for her attacks - but also for her condescending and insulting laughter in the boardroom segment. Lennox hit the nail on the head when he called her attacks, "ghetto."

For my money, because of the seriousness of the situation, at her first fit of sniggering, as Trump, I'd've canned her from the game there and then.

She has a far overblown sense of self-importance, a facade that was torn to shreds in last night's episode when she came face to face with the fact that she is, truly, not a celebrity. Her "celebrity" status only comes from being a complete twit in the first season of Apprentice as the contestant everyone loved to hate. Her claim to fame is as a failure on national TV and her consequent appearances on other shows stem from that failure. As a result, she was unable to raise a cent for her team's goal, when the true celebrities were able to raise thousands. Almost $40-thousand, as it turned out.

Gotta say, though, from Trump's point of view, his pairing of Omarosa with Piers made for an excellent episode. So, she was used by Trump; a tool. Piers, also, to an extent, but not so much, I don't think, as Omarosa was.

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