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Monday, November 19, 2007

Ignorance Like This...

Is the strongest reason why I have my doubts about anthropogenic global warming;

UN Panel Gives Dire Warming Forecast

Nov 17, 11:11 PM (ET)

VALENCIA, Spain (AP) - Global warming is "unequivocal" and carbon dioxide already in the atmosphere commits the world to an eventual rise in sea levels of up to 4.6 feet, the world's top climate experts warned Saturday in their most authoritative report to date.


He [U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon] said he witnessed the devastation of climate change in disappearing glaciers of Antarctica, the deforested Amazon and under the ozone hole in Chile.

Clue for Mr. Ki-moon - Amazon deforestation is NOT due to global warming, but to human expansion; farmland, grazeland and homes.

Statements like this from world leaders tells me that they haven't an inkling of the science behind the issue and since this Valencia report is from the "world's top climate experts," Ki-moon's words are based upon what they have told him. Some "top scientists."

Oh, and about "unequivocal?"

That's only if they ignore the scientists who question them.

Such a wonderful science these "top climate experts" practice! If someone doesn't agree, simply ignore them.

Gotta have faith, baby, gotta have faith.

This is a religion, not science.

And, as long as faith is clothed in a veneer of psuedo-science, I - and many others - will oppose this AGW religion.

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