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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Global Warming Indicator Bites The Dust

If this indicator is a non-issue, what about others? This is why the anti-AGW crowd want more RESEARCH rather than blind faith.

Faith is for religion, not science.

NASA Sees Arctic Ocean Circulation Do an About-Face

November 13, 2007

PASADENA, Calif. – A team of NASA and university scientists has detected an ongoing reversal in Arctic Ocean circulation triggered by atmospheric circulation changes that vary on decade-long time scales. The results suggest not all the large changes seen in Arctic climate in recent years are a result of long-term trends associated with global warming.


"Our study confirms many changes seen in upper Arctic Ocean circulation in the 1990s were mostly decadal in nature, rather than trends caused by global warming," said Morison [James Morison of the University of Washington's Polar Science Center Applied Physics Laboratory, Seattle].

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