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Friday, July 06, 2007

More Of That Fluff Science

And, from the magazine, Science, that rag!

Oldest DNA ever recovered shows warmer planet: report

Jul 5 03:14 PM US/Eastern

Scientists who probed two kilometers (1.2 miles) through a Greenland glacier to recover the oldest plant DNA on record said Thursday the planet was far warmer hundreds of thousands of years ago than is generally believed.

DNA of trees, plants and insects including butterflies and spiders from beneath the southern Greenland glacier was estimated to date to 450,000 to 900,000 years ago, according to the remnants retrieved from this long-vanished boreal forest.

That contrasts sharply with the prevailing view that a lush forest of this kind could only have existed in Greenland as recently as 2.4 million years ago, according to a summary of the study, which is published Thursday in the journal Science.

If the planet was "far warmer hundreds of thousands of years ago than is generally believed," where did that heat come from?

After all, the present heat levels are assigned to human-induced greenhouse gasses. Obviously - well, it should be obvious, anyway - this was not the case hundreds of thousands of years ago, a time when it was WARMER.

But, I guess Science is another Big Oil sponsored rag, right?

And, then there's this;

They also indicated that during the last period between ice ages, 116,000-130,000 years ago, when temperatures were on average 5 C (9 F) higher than now, the glaciers on Greenland did not completely melt away.

Well, whaddya know...

Even though it was HOTTER, Greenland's glaciers didn't melt away entirely.

And, since then, they actually grew back.

Imagine that.

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