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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Uh-oh! Oil's Running Out


World oil supplies are set to run out faster than expected, warn scientists

Scientists challenge major review of global reserves and warn that supplies will start to run out in four years' time

By Daniel Howden
Published: 14 June 2007

Scientists have criticised a major review of the world's remaining oil reserves, warning that the end of oil is coming sooner than governments and oil companies are prepared to admit.

BP's Statistical Review of World Energy, published yesterday, appears to show that the world still has enough "proven" reserves to provide 40 years of consumption at current rates. The assessment, based on officially reported figures, has once again pushed back the estimate of when the world will run dry.

Let's see ...

If I remember right, back in the 70s we were told that we would be out of oil in 25 years or so.
So, let's see...

1970s plus 25...

... carry the 2 ...

Looks like we done ran out already somewheres twixt 1995 and 2004...

Now, we're gonna run out again?

Heck, why bother with vehicle emmissions control? After all, now we're gonna be out of oil - again - in four years. That'll put the kaibosh on emmissions, won' it...



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