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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

A Democrat Idea I Partly Agree With

Democrats may to require Iraq to use its oil revenue to pay for its own reconstruction.

This is something I wholeheartedly agree with. One of the points Bush made towards finishing up the Gulf War was that Iraq would not have to pay for our effort.

I could see not having them pay upfront, but I always thought that they should refill our coffers, once the war was won.

Now, I am unsure how US legislation has any hold over another sovereign nation. Since when is Iraq under US law? If Iraq were a possession of the US, or a colony - not a bad idea, by the way - then our legislation has teeth. But, as long as Iraq is sovereign, we can't tell them what to do.
We can persuade them, but not dictate to them.

So, how the dems figure to make this work is something I'd like to hear. Sure, we can cut out funding, but that won't force them to make up for the lack. It is still a matter of Iraqi choice.

That was the part I agreed with. Now for what I don't agree with.

The second part of the bill would be to have the Iraqis tke the lead in military operations.

Yeah, that's a great idea. Put the unskilled in charge - there's a sure path to success.

If you go in for major surgery, do you want the skilled surgeon with steady hands to work on you, or the med-school freshman?

This democrat plan is insisting on the freshman.

Leave it to dems to botch up even a good idea...

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