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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

If You Don't Believe...

...the Powers will bring you down.

The founder of the National Hurricane Center, William Gray, is a harsh critic of climate change and receives support from Colorado State University.

A year ago, CSU told him they were going to cease supporting him.

However, since then, CSU has changed its position a mite. They say they'll continue to support his hurricane forecasts, as long as they remain co-authored by a former student of Gray's, Phil Klotzbach. But, if Klotzbach leaves CSU, either the forecasts will be produced at his new location or they will end.

CSU says that Gray's global warming criticisms have nothing to do with this. That it's because they only have a one-man media staff.

Well, OK. Their poor media guy is overworked and can't handle the load of Gray's work. I can see that.

So, how does requiring Gray's forecasts to remain co-authored with Klotzbach change the media guy's workload?

The sole media staffer had a workload 'X' when Gray's forecasts were co-authored with Klotzbach and CSU regretfully had to terminate supporting Gray because of it - according to CSU.

So, under the new and improved plan, under which CSU will continue their support, the sole media staffer will still have a workload 'X', but only as long as Gray's forecasts are co-authored with Klotzbach.

Like, what's the diference on the media guy's workload? How has it changed? That was the reason CSU was going to drop support and their new plan doesn't alter it at all. The only change is that Gray is no longer the main guy in the forecasting; Klotzbach is. Gray's future forecasts are linked to Klotzbach. In fact, if Klotzbach leaves, Gray's status is irrelevant; the forecasts either go with Klotzbach or they come to an end.

Still, no change in the media guy's workload.

Now, I don't know about others, but if I have a staffer who can't handle a certain workload and I want to alleviate his woes, I'll hire him a helper. Keeping his workload the same won't cut it.

So, maybe Prof. Gray has a point in his complaint against CSU. It would also be interesting to learn of Dr. Klotzbach's views on global warming.



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