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Monday, March 27, 2006

Did All I Could Do

I have contacted my Senator's offices to tell them of my support for the Sensenbrenner Bill, the bill to strengthen border security and make illegal entry into the US a felony. Hopefully, they'll do the right thing and vote to approve this bill.

I was a bit bummed out to learn that Dallas had its own pro-illegal protest. Here I live less than 30 miles away and I missed it. I'd've loved to have gone and joined any counter-protest going on. Or, start my own.

So, I'll watch how this whole thing progresses and see if my elected officials need any more prodding from their constituents.

Unfortunately, Bush is being quite the fool on this issue, but I expected no more from him. As far as illegal aliens are concerned, I think Bush is napping quite happily in Vicente Fox's hip pocket. If only he'd be as adamant on fighting illegals as he is in fighting terrorists. After all, if it's easy for some Mexican to get into the country to pick tomatoes, then how hard can it be for Abdul al bin Dim?


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