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Friday, March 03, 2006

Gaming Musings

A thought struck me as I was reading over some posts in a forum on gaming. Actually, two thoughts. Hmm. Make that three.
  1. What in the world is the deal with these simplistic games that decide everything on the roll of a single 6-sided die? How can a d6 be even close to representing an accurate statistical outcome? Sheesh!
  2. What happened to wargames? Reading over the posts in this gaming forum shows not a single wargame. I mean, games on civilization - which may include some battles, but hardly a wargame - railroads, Formula 1 racing, etc. Man, where is SPI, GDW or Avalon Hill when you need'em? Well, besides out of business.
  3. And, for my final thought, I really miss the Brigadier. That was a wargame shop in Arlington, Texas that not only sold games, miniatures and supplies, but also provided a place to play. Heck, I remember weekends of hitting the store on a Saturday afternoon, getting in a game or two of Boot Hill, maybe Tractics, then an evening of Dungeon or WGR Ancients or maybe Seapower. We'd play until 2am. Now, the only local stores close off before 10pm. And, they play these simplistic games that seem to involve robots, dwarves and elves, or Napoleonic forces with undead instead of Russians. Oy...

I think, when I win the Lottery (hear that Lottery Commission? I wanna win!), I'll have to open a shop like the ol' Brigadier and show the new generation what gaming really means.


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