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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Democrat Facade

They say they're gonna get bin Laden with this wonderful plan.

Yup, they's a-gonna git more spies.

I wonder if they have some secret tree that produces Arabic-speakers on demand?

They obviously do not have a clue that we have been trying to get these spies for years, even before 9/11, but they are virtually impossible to come by. Further, they can thank their buddy, Clinton, for decimating humint while he was president.

Had Clinton not gone all googly over hi-tech gadgetry to do our intel gathering, we might've had a pool of potential spies with which to find bin Laden.

Just having a warm body that speaks the language is not enough. The speaker must also know the culture like a native and look the part. People like this are not wandering the streets, waiting to be recruited.

So, once again, the democrats prove they have no clue.


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