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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Big Brother MPAA

It's Friday night, you have your 62" DLP ready to watch Casablanca and a bowl of popcorn by your side.

But first, have you made sure your registration with the MPAA is up to date? $500,000 fine, if not, for each movie!

Oh, and those motion sensors in the TV will tell the MPAA if you have any friends over.

Shame on you.

After all, according to Dan Glickman, head of the MPAA, "We have a right to know what's showing in a theater*."

Yup. They have a RIGHT to know what you are doing in your home.

* - The MPAA defines a home theater as any home with a television larger than 29" with stereo sound and at least two comfortable chairs, couch, or futon.

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