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Monday, November 06, 2006

Of All The Nerve

Europe didn't have the balls to help take Hussein down, but they do have the gall to stick their nose in to say what should happen to him. (as of 8 Mar 07, the page has been moved)

Hussein was TRIED by FREE Iraqis.
Hussein was held to the LAW by FREE Iraqis.
Hussein was found GUILTY by FREE Iraqis.
Hussein was sentenced to DEATH by FREE Iraqis.

But, the decision of FREE Iraqis does not quite meet with the EU's approval, so they dare to tell a FREE Iraq what to do.

The EU would take no part in making Iraq FREE, yet the EU has no problem in dictating to them how to apply their laws.

The EU is unable to control their own backyard, what makes them think they can tell others how to mow their lawns?

I'm referring to Milosevic.

Europe couldn't stop him, so they crawled to the US, begging for our aid in doing their job for them. Since 1914, Europe has been unable to see to its own affairs.

I'm of the opinion that the next time a spark falls on the EU house, let it burn to the ground.

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