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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Tough Luck Liberals

It's been decided.

Democrats have taken the House and will probably take the Senate - unless something has changed since I got out of my car.

Now what?

Now, the democrats have a tremendous burden.

They did not win because of their success.

They won because of the Republican's failure.

The democrats now have two years of opportunity. But, they will be under a very hot spotlight. Any missteps will be pounced upon by the Republicans with gusto and magnified by the circumstances that gave them their victory of last night.

I believe that, if the democrats do not produce in these two years, the 2008 elections shall bring a definite Republican victory. Whether for good or ill.

The electorate's memory is short. In 2008, they will not remember why they put the democrats in office. They will only remember what happened as a result.

This is a great opportunity for the democrats to demonstrate that they deserve their victory. But, it is also a great opportunity for Republicans to focus on their failures and correct them.

For me, the democrat party is a failure in and of itself. The Republicans - well, the current set - have not demonstrated themselves as all that much better. I am forced to have faith in the Republican ideology, despite the fact that few Republican leaders seem to give that ideology much credence. But, at least the Republicans have their ideology going for them, even if it's ignored. The democrats lack even that.

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