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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Looks Like A Return To The Bad Old Days

Seems the dems may have the Senate now, too.

Unless something happens, there's probably a good chance they'll take the Executive in 2008, as well.

I'm very disappointed in my party. They had everything and threw it all away when they caught Beltway Fever.

But, whaddya gonna do?

"Join the democrats," some might say.

Not if my life depended on it. I oppose the very fiber of the democrat party. It has been an abomination since the criminal FDR, at least.

No. I will fight them with the tools available - my vote.

However, I think that the democrats will self-destruct. They are a party based upon emotion - Dean's scream, for example - and I don't think they will be able to keep their emotions in check. I believe they will not resist "payback."

I firmly believe that the democrat's entire agenda will be "payback." Will I be proved wrong? I don't know.

If I am wrong, then I think the country is in for socialism. What the Founding Fathers started will be tossed upon the scrapheap of history.

If I am right, then there will probably be some short-term damage, but nothing irreparable. The democrats will shriek and flail and show their true selves. The electorate will recoil and hand them their hats in 2008. Will this usher in a return of Republicans? If they have not, by then, learned from their mistakes that led them to be ousted in 2006, then I hope not. Maybe there will be an opportunity for the Libertarians - unless they trip themselves up.

Meanwhile, I'm going to have two years of material.

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