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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

US Aids Mexico

Not only is the Border Patrol NOT securing the US borders, they are also aiding the illegals in getting across. The Border Patrol has been told to give the location of Minuteman patrols to the Mexican government. Not only are they aiding the illegals by letting them know where crossing sites are being watched, enabling them to go elsewhere, but the lives and safety of those on these patrols is put in jeopardy. The Mexican government is one of the most corrupt on the planet. Who knows what gang or drug cartel is also getting this information?

Further, the Border Patrol has been told many times NOT to go out on a Minuteman call. So, to the Border Patrol Brass, the criminality of entering this country depends upon who's looking.

If the Minutemen were to call in a rape, would law enforcement not respond?

Here we have another incident of upper level law enforcement interfering in the duties of the rank and file. Last week it was the brass stepping in to cover up Patrick Kennedy's drunken accident. Today, it's ignoring citizens - citizens who have every right to monitor the border - who call in to report illegal activity to the agency responsible for its enforcement.

What will it be tomorrow?


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